Contact tracing is coming to most WA businesses

By CCIWA Editor

WA is expanding mandatory contact tracing to most businesses. Here's what you need to know.

Editor's note: The expansion of WA’s mandatory contact tracing system to retail venues, commercial transport, takeaway services, certain outdoor gatherings and all WA hospitals, were initially flagged to begin on February 12.

In light of the five-day lockdown in the Perth, Peel and South West regions, these measures will now take effect from Tuesday, February 2.

Your business can use a QR code system and the SafeWA app, which is already a familiar sight in cafes and restaurants, to help meet the requirement.

From the February 2 deadline, businesses already using a QR code for registration must ensure it's on clear display.

SafeWA is the WA Government's free contact register app, allowing visitors to check-in via a QR code. The information it collects goes directly to WA Health.

The data is securely stored for 28 days unless WA Health needs to use it for contact tracing.

Businesses can use alternative methods to keep the register but will need to meet a number of requirements.

A business that fails to maintain its register faces fines of up to $50,000 for an individual, $250,000 for a body corporate, or 12 months' imprisonment.

What businesses need contact tracing registers?

The following businesses will need be required to keep a contact register from 21 February 2021:

  • retail venues (including supermarkets, department stores, shopping centres, pharmacies, hardware and department stores) and retail components of other businesses where customers are physically present such as bank branches;
  • commercial buses or vessels that can carry 12 or more people where different groups of people interact (party buses, wine and food tour buses, hop on/hop off tour buses, sightseeing tours, party/function boats, sightseeing/tour boats, private charter buses/boats);
  • public and private hospitals (visitors only - persons visiting patients, or attending meetings/lectures, couriers, and contractors);
  • takeaway food and beverage services;
  • events with a COVID Event Plan (500+ patrons), and certain outdoor functions and gatherings under 500 people (e.g. weddings, corporate functions, fetes, festivals).

The following businesses will continue to be required to keep a register:

  • food and licenced venues (restaurants, cafés, bars, pubs, taverns, nightclubs);
  • gyms, indoor sporting centres, wellness centres, health clubs and fitness centres;
  • indoor play centres;
  • saunas and bathhouses;
  • swimming pools, both indoors and outdoors that are open to or used by the public;
  • places of worship and funeral parlours;
  • beauty and personal care services including hairdressers, barbers, nail salons, tattoo parlours, spa and massage parlours;
  • galleries and museums;
  • indoor and outdoor cinemas and drive in movie theatres, theatres, casinos, gaming or gambling venues and any other entertainment venue;
  • auction houses and real estate open houses (including display homes and rental properties);
  • indoor community facilities, libraries and halls;
  • zoos, wildlife parks and amusement parks;
  • function centres;
  • hotels, motels, campgrounds or other accommodation facilities that ordinarily have check-in arrangements;
  • boarding schools or residential colleges (not including residents); and
  • adult entertainment premises (strip clubs, brothels and sex on premises venues).

How to set up your business QR code with SafeWA

Download SafeWA

You can download SafeWA from:

Create an account

  • Tap the business icon.
  • Enter your information.
  • Create a password.
  • Enter the security PIN sent via SMS to verify your account.
  • Add your business name and type of business.

Set up your business venue

  • Add your business address.
  • Set up your venue.

If required, you can set up other business venues. You can also set up multiple locations for each venue.

Print out your posters

A SafeWA pack with your QR code posters will be sent to your email account. Print the posters on plain white paper and display them in your business.

EP Innovation

TIP: Switching between individual and business accounts

If you have a SafeWA business account, you can use the same mobile number to register your individual account without logging out of the SafeWA app. This allows you to switch easily between individual and business accounts.

Your individual check-in information will not be linked to your business account.

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