Education Development Fund

From little things big things grow and thanks to the generosity of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia (CCI) Members, our future workforce is being given a chance to flourish.

Many CCI Members take the opportunity to make a voluntary contribution to the Education Development Fund when they pay their annual fees.

Contributions not only feed a desire to meet social corporate responsibilities, but allow businesses large and small to contribute what they can, knowing that whatever the amount it will go a long way to achieving significant outcomes.


How Member contributions to the Education Development Fund help CCI make a difference: 

  • Prepare guides for students and graduates and deliver workforce education programs to schools and community groups
  • Sponsor academic excellence and teacher of the year awards
  • Host boardroom lunches to work with disengaged youth
  • Provide funding support for the annual Teachers' Engagement Forum, aimed at assisting teachers with strategies to work with disengaged youth
  • Run personal development days for teachers to get access to industry professionals
  • Deliver parent talks about how to guide young people through career decisions
  • Send staff to places like prisons, where we provide career advice to help people transition back into the workforce
  • Sponsor events such as the Perth Special Children’s Christmas Party and the Youth Futures Pipeline Challenge
  • Sponsor and participate in youth development initiatives such as Get Into Resources and the Youth Connect Skills Expo.

CCI has been actively promoting STEM by supporting the following programs:

STEM Scitech Project

CCI has sponsored the Mathematics Association of Western Australia (MAWA) Out of Field Mathematics project, which aims project to improve the skills of out of filed teachers delivering maths classes to students in regional WA. It was identified that many regional teachers are teaching mathematics with little or no training on how to teach maths effectively to students. These workshops aim to change the skill level of teachers and improve student math ability.

Graduate Engineers Program

CCI runs a graduate program for large members providing rotations to engineering graduates to build skills and experience in a supported environment.

Innovation Institute

CCI sponsors initiatives run through the Innovation Institute aimed at developing entrepreneurship and innovation skills in primary and secondary students. The Innovation Institute runs programs with classes to assist students understand problem solving, technology, and innovation in a business context.

Get into Resources

CCI has been a founding partner/sponsor in the annual Get into Resources events. This initiative is run annually over two days aimed at year ten students to promote career pathways in the resource sector. Activities range from science labs to try-a-trade sessions and allow young people to get an understanding of the broad range of roles and STEM skills required in the resource sector.

Futuristic Skills

CCI has partnered with Futuristic Skills, who have developed a web app that consist of ten online modules aimed at teaching key skills to young people. Skills include problem solving, ICT skills and critical thinking and will be rolled out through the Catholic Education sector in 2018.

Just Start IT

CCI has sponsored the Just Start IT initiative that runs 18 week programs in high schools to year 11 & 12 students that takes them on a process to solve problems and create business ideas through the use of technology.


CCI partners with numerous organisations to deliver innovative workshops that takes participants (teachers and students) through the process of problem solving, designing solutions and pitching ideas.

Student Economic Forums

CCI holds annual events that promote careers in economics for top year 12 economic students, to encourage greater take up of the discipline after completion of secondary school.

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