Work Integrated Learning Program

This program provides students with career-building educational experiences in work environments by enabling connectivity between employers, students and universities.  

In short, CCIWA facilitates student placement to work on your business. And the objective is to provide tangible outcomes on projects that your team may not have the time to tackle.  

Our network of tertiary organisations and students covers a range of disciplines including: 

  • Commerce 
  • Engineering 
  • Science 
  • Computer Systems 
  • Data Analytics 

How our students will help your business

The benefits to the students are clear – and the WA businesses that engage them reap big rewards too:

  • Hours of focus from a bright young mind that’s driven to succeed
  • A dedicated resource to tackle work or projects that you can’t get to
  • Fresh eyes and thinking to offer a new perspective or remove that roadblock
  • The satisfaction of giving a young WA person a great start to their career

Great projects, solid work

Our students have completed some outstanding work for our WA business community, including:

  • R&D project to test new materials for innovative pipe manufacturing
  • Designing a custom rack to safely export products overseas
  • Engineering solutions for crushing equipment at a naval base
  • Supply chain analysis for large oil and gas projects
  • Designing of machine equipment and components
  • Testing new technology to safely service and repair mining conveyor belts
  • Financial analysis, developing equipment instruction manuals and much more

Here's Tomisin, a Curtin University student who is completing a double degree in engineering and finance:

Primary tertiary partner 

CCIWA is particularly proud of our long-standing collaboration with Curtin University – where are our team works on Bentley Campus embedding the program into the curriculum. With access to over 9000 Curtin Business School undergraduate and postgraduate students and extensive student networks across the state we are well-placed to find the right business student for an internship within your organisation. 

What’s involved 

Students can be engaged for an internship or project at your workplace, or work on the completion of case studies and simulations on campus.  

There are three key things to consider when defining a Work Integrated Learning Project: 

  1. Students are available for placements of between 100 and 150 hours in-line with their enrolled unit requirements. This can be completed either in a block or up to a few days per week over the course of a semester. Engineering placements can be up to 450 hours. 
  2. The project must have a defined objective with a student learning outcome but should also encompass activities that a graduate would be expected to complete in that role.
  3. As this is primarily a learning experience for the student, they must have a workplace supervisor with knowledge or expertise in the area of the project. The supervisor must have the knowledge to guide the student through their project or day-to-day role accurately. 

We'll make it easy for you!

CCIWA will be there to assist and advise every step of the way. 

Placements are usually unpaid and covered through the University’s insurances. We can also assist with paid placements. 

Our team will then do all the leg work - working through our WA university network - to ensure we find the right student for the project or role. 

We’ll work with you to help define the project or role so that it meets the requirements for the Fair Work Act’s Vocational Placement Guidelines

Lastly, we'll assist in the administrative setup of the placement, and then provide on-going support throughout the placement to make sure that the original objectives are met. 

Get started today

If you would like to offer one of our bright students a great opportunity in your business, then please get in touch with us via the form below. Remember, we'll work with you to make this a hassle-free process with great outcomes for all parties. 

If you have any questions, then don't hesitate to give our Work Integrated Learning team a call on (08) 9365 7515.

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