HR leadership forum offers training and career development opportunities

CCIWA’s Director, People and Culture, Tracy Al Said

CCIWA’s Director, People and Culture, Tracy Al Saidi

CCIWA’s Director, People and Culture, Tracy Al Saidi says an integral part of her career progression and keeping up with the demands of a rapidly changing workplace has been taking part in development and training opportunities, such as CCIWA’s People & Culture Leadership Forum.  

“One of the keys to my growth has been continual learning,” says Al Saidi, an HR and workplace culture expert. 

“We are in such a dynamic time that if you are not learning, you are standing still. 

“Courses such as this offer a fantastic opportunity to learn about current relevant topics, a great opportunity to build a diverse network of peers across different industries and gain real-life best practices.” 

Al Saidi, who has a wealth of experience across different industries and geographies, has seen huge changes over her 25-year career. This includes technology integration and the automation of processes, changes to working practices (the shift to flexible, remote and virtual models), and emphasis on diversity and culture. 

She shares her three pieces of advice for HR professionals: 
  1. Find your passion: what in HR are you passionate about what’s your purpose?
  2. Set clear goals: what do you want to achieve and what do you need to get there?
  3. Stay committed: there are always things that will come along the way but navigate and stay the course. 

Attendees at CCIWA’s forum will hear from industry experts and keynote speakers on topics including: 

  • Green HR 
  • AI in the workplace 
  • Designing the employee experience 
  • Flexible work strategies
  • Workplace culture vs climate
  • Disrupting the status quo
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Employee-first management
  • Modern workplace learning 

The course is designed for leaders, experienced HR professionals, CEOs and directors. Or, come along as an HR team, says Al Saidi. 

“Being part of a network provides invaluable access to varied skills, expertise and opportunities,” she says. 

“I have been very fortunate to not only be a mentor but also have amazing mentors that have played a key role in key stages of my career. 

“Whether it be to share experience, guide or help reframe challenges or goals, mentors play an important role in facilitating learning and growth.” 

Each attendee will receive a framed certificate of attendance and an invitation to CCIWA’s exclusive People & Culture Leadership Alumni group on LinkedIn to keep the conversation going afterwards. 

To register for the forum, please click here. 

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