Workplace Health & Safety

We are committed to promoting safe workplaces, with a focus on ensuring that our work health and safety laws are appropriate to both large and small Western Australian businesses.

Likewise, we advocate for a fair and sustainable workers’ compensation system that balances the needs of injured workers with those of their employer. We believe that it is important to have a scheme that protects those workers who are genuinely injured and minimises the opportunity for abuse of the system.

We advocate for a balanced workplace health and safety framework that promotes safer workplaces along with a fair workers’ compensation system that supports employees’ return to work.

We’re working for

  • Harmonisation of our work health and safety laws in line with the national model system, which takes into consideration WA-specific issues.
  • The development of practical, user friendly, codes of practices and guidelines on safety matters.
  • Proactive focus by regulators on both education and compliance.
  • The Western Australian State Government to act on key recommendations from the 2014 review of the workers’ compensation system.

What we’ve been up to

Working with the Western Australian State Government as part of its Ministerial Advisory Panel in relation to the harmonisation of Western Australia’s work health and safety legislation with the model national legislation 

Representing the interests of employers as a member of the Commission for Occupations Safety and Health and other safety working groups.

Providing input into the review of codes of practice and other guidance material.

Making submissions to Safe Work Australia regarding its review of the National Work Health and Safety legislation.

Encouraging the Western Australian State Government to take meaningful steps to address workplace fatalities.