Our culture and values

More than 9 in 10 of our people believe CCIWA is a great place to work

We’ve built our culture and values together. It’s more than a set of words. It’s about how we behave with each other and across the community. It’s how we get things done. It’s what we stand for.

We’ve collaborated across the organisation – including with our Board – to develop our desired culture statement and values.

The work we’ve done is directly aligned with our strategic plan. And our commitment to our values reflects why our membership is growing, we’re delivering new products and services into the market and we’re financially sustainable.

Staff engagement is measured throughout the year. We work together to fix any challenges we’re facing. Our latest staff engagement score is 85%, placing CCIWA in the top decile of organisations in Australia.

When it comes to managing COVID-19, 98% of our people believe we’ve shown leadership in responding to COVID-19. The same proportion agrees that we’ve appropriately supported our employees during the pandemic.

Your career

At CCIWA, we want you to feel challenged. We want you to grow. And we want you to have a positive impact on business and the broader community.

Some people will stay with us for a long period. For others, CCIWA will be an important stepping- stone to other opportunities in life and work. Either way, we want the contribution you make to our organisation and the reflections on your experience with us to be overwhelmingly positive.

We want the relationships you develop while working with CCIWA to endure throughout your career.  We hope that you’ll continue to make constructive contributions to our organisation through our alumni and other forums long after you leave.

We invest in our people’s capability and support you in growing skills that align with our strategy and drive higher performance, helping you reach your full potential.

We are dedicated to making sure the skills you learn and experiences you gain help propel your career forward.

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Our workspace

We want our workspace to give life to the entrepreneurial spirit. Our offices are designed to ensure our people can function in the most contemporary way possible.

At our front-of-house, we provide a hub for our Members to think, work and learn. The same commitment to embrace creative thinking applies to our back-of-house environment.

In our CBD location, we have collaboration spaces, private phone booths, a wellness room and other meeting rooms kitted out with state-of-the-art technology. We even have a recording studio to support our digital transformation.

We also have offices in Osborne Park and in many regional towns and cities to meet the specific needs of our members and clients.

Our dress policy is one that favours individual judgment and freedom of expression. The fundamental principle is that you should wear what is appropriate for the interactions you’ll have on any given day.

We also recognise that our workforce is diverse, and our people have unique needs when it comes to performing at their best and achieving a work-life balance. We actively support the concept that work doesn’t just have to happen in the office. We’re open to a range of flexible work options. Our key aim is to ensure you are productive and passionate about your job.