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Industrial Award Subscription Service

Industrial awards set the legal minimum pay rates for employees of Australian businesses. Understanding which awards may apply to your staff and what your pay and associated obligations are under your binding award is critical to avoiding costly underpayment claims and significant fines for serious contraventions of up to $630,000. Underpayments can accumulate quickly and if left unchecked can significantly impact a business’ bottom line.

Peace of mind for just $110 per annum

We cover most modern awards and many of the West Australian state awards – and our annual subscription service includes:

  • A complete copy of the relevant award
  • Easy-to-use wage schedule
  • Email updates following an award amendment that includes a schedule of amendments

Simply confirm award coverage and wage classification levels for your staff with our Employee Relations Advice team and then receive email updates whenever there are changes to your modern or state award.

This subscription service also fits well with your over-the-phone Employee Relations support. Our team can assist in the interpretation and implementation of the relevant awards. And, if needed, we can also refer to our Business Law WA team for underpayment calculations and representation before tribunals or courts in the event of a claim – all at your discounted Member rate.

Industrial Award Subscription

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