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Workplace Mediation Services

Mediation can be a fast, cost-effective, flexible and confidential way to resolve workplace disputes, whether that be between employees, contractors, managers or executives. Our Nationally Accredited Mediators specialise in workplace mediation.

Mediation often results in solutions that couldn’t have been achieved outside of the mediation process and resolves the heart of the conflict, not just what sits on the surface. Mediation can avoid the need for investigations, resolve bullying claims, establish a productive way of working together and assist to help to retain workers and maintain working relationships.

By resolving disputes in a less formal environment, both parties often emerge feeling heard and finding that they have reached a more satisfactory solution that works for all involved. Our skilled mediators can assist your business with these goals through our accredited independent mediation service.

The Mediation Process:

The process of mediation that we offer is facilitative mediation, which enables the parties to take ownership of their own decisions and come to solutions that work for them. This process is voluntary, and both employees must agree to participate in the mediation. A mediation can also be conducted between several parties if required. Still, most often, it is conducted between just two individuals.

Ordinarily, the process for mediation between two employees will involve the following:

Cost-Effective and Confidential Dispute Resolution 

As part of a trusted organisation with a strong reputation in the WA business community, CCIWA’s mediators can offer an impartial and independent service that the parties can rely on to assist resolving their dispute.  The key benefits to this service include helping to reduce costs, avoid litigation, increasing productivity, and generally improve workplace culture.


Workplace Mediation Process:

The mediator will review any policies or procedures relevant to the dispute, the process of dispute resolution for the business, and any written documents relating to the dispute between the two parties. This stage ensures that the mediation follows the business’s policies and procedures.

During this stage, the mediator will meet with both parties separately to give them an understanding of the process and prepare them for how they will approach the joint session. These sessions are confidential between the mediator and the party. We recommend allowing up to an hour for each party to ensure enough time to prepare the party for a productive joint session.

The mediator will meet with both parties at this stage and conduct the mediation. First, the joint session commences with each party being allowed to express the situation as they see it without interruption from the other party. Following this, the mediator will guide the parties through understanding each other’s interests and getting to the heart of the dispute.

Once interests have been adequately explored, the mediator will conduct a private, confidential session with each party separately. Then the parties return to discuss solutions and how they would like to resolve the dispute with the mediator’s guidance.

The joint session ordinarily takes approximately 3 hours in total. We recommend having the joint session on a separate day to the private sessions to enable employees time to reflect and prepare for the joint session.

The mediation itself is confidential. However, the mediator will report the outcome of mediation to the business, with agreement from the parties. This often involves a written agreement between the parties regarding their agreed solutions.

As the role of mediator is impartial and unbiased, the mediator cannot provide any legal advice to the business regarding the employment situation outside of their role as independent mediator.

Mediation is most beneficial when conducted in person. However, our mediators are experienced in remote mediation conducted over Microsoft Teams. They have seen productive outcomes from these processes also.

Cost-Effective Pricing 

We offer a fixed price structure for a workplace mediation between two employees. The total cost for the full process outlined in the 4 stages above is $3,150 note the business is only charged for the stages that are undertaken. *CCIWA Members will receive 20% discount!

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Mediation Services

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