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When you’re a CCIWA Member, you can get all the Member benefits, access and support you need to succeed. Our Members can vouch for it.

Each of our Members are unique – and have a story to tell.

Kara Ged

The fact that we met at CCIWA really shows that this is an incubator space, a nurturing space for both growing and established businesses.

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Roam Engineering

We’ve had a lot of challenges recently in terms of the changing industrial relations and HR environment. That’s somewhere that CCI has really helped us.

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Steel Blue

One business can champion a cause, but many businesses together can have amplification — and that’s what CCIWA does.

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Small Things Wine

On an international level, CCIWA has helped us extensively in getting into new markets.

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The best thing is that we feel like we aren’t alone and that we are Members of a network of other WA businesses who are experiencing life as an SME, the same as we are.

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DyeNamic Sublimation

In sport something you hear a lot is you’re only as good as your weakest link and the same applied in business.

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R. Moore & Sons

CCIWA has been that rock, because we don’t have all the answers to all the questions that you need in business, and they can come from many fronts.

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