International Trade Services

International Trade Services

Our experienced International Trade team can assist new and established businesses with importing and exporting trade to reduce the time, cost, and risk of going global, pursuing global growth opportunities, and/or identifying global supply channel partners with our suite of bespoke trade services.

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Our extensive international stakeholder network can provide you access to to international and local networks, tools and resources in more than 90 countries. With over 50 years experience our team is ready to help the WA business community succeed.

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Our international trade services

We can help you address the key components to building and sustaining a successful export business. Our Key suit of Export Services include:

  1. Export Readiness

The importance of identifying the “right” reasons to Export and highlighting the degree of financial, human and capital resources and management commitment to going global – do you have what it takes to undertake the journey to effective exporting. And to seek support from enablers to assist your export Journey.

  • How to prepare the Export Marketing Plan

An effective Export Marketing Plan will ensure you remain focused to dedicate your resources to explore the export opportunities for your company’s products or services. The key elements of your Export Plan will include your market access, developing your export strategy, finding export markets and buyers, meeting both legal and regulatory in country requirements and commencing to export including trading terms, pricing policy and distributor/ Channel Partner terms.

  • How to select which overseas market

Identify where are the market gaps or opportunities which could be fulfilled by your product or services. What is the level of competition both local and foreign in these overseas markets and does your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) has a medium-high potential for market acceptance. Can existing or looming Free Trade Agreements (FTA’s) Australia has in force provide an additional benefit for your product or service in market.

  • How to select overseas channel partners

Selecting the right in market channel partner or distributor is critical to ensure your brand and company reputation is well represented and grown in the relevant B2B or B2G end-user markets.  Typically, the following considerations for partner selection include experience with similar products or services, partner marketing and service strengths, How long have they been a partner, what are some of their successes with other clients, do they represent any companies with products or services that conflict with yours, what are their sales projections for your products or services and what’s their region or geographical coverage.

  • Cultural Literacy

Countries nor Businesses close the business deals… its people that close deals hence the importance of the “people to People” paradigm. Cultural literacy is not only about recognising the surface symbols and visual cues of cultural difference. Cultural literacy will often make the difference between a bridge being built or significant delays being encountered. To enable a bridge to be built, it’s important to be able to have an appreciation of business etiquette in the market you are looking to engage. Such skills are developed through an understanding of the worldview of counterparts, their cultural origins and ideally, local language capabilities.

  • Getting paid for your Exports & Payment Terms

It is important to understand the terms of trade for doing international business such as  Incoterms – trade to identify the allocation of costs and risks between the buyer and seller when shipping internationally.

We can assist your business navigate the importing process in the areas of :

  • Applying the correct tariff classification
  • Paying the correct amount of duty and accessing any refunds or drawbacks you might be eligible for
  • Simplifying the rules and regulations associated with Australian Border Force and other various Government Agencies
  • Explaining Free Trade Agreements
  • Advice with other indirect tax schemes and rebates, such as GST, fuel tax etc.
  • Accessing any of the approvals, permits and licenses required to import
  • Accessing trade remedy schemes such as applying for Australian Trusted Trader.

We are authorised by the Australian Government to issue documentary evidence of origin for goods exported from Australia in accordance with the relevant international conventions. Please view Certificates of Origin and ATA Carnet 

Free Trade Agreements make it cheaper and easier for you to import and export goods and services between Australia and many countries.

An eligible Free Trade Agreement provides a price or market entry advantage for an importer/exporter and helps to reduce some of the risks associated with trading internationally.

We can provide comprehensive advice on any of the Free Trade Agreements Australia is currently a party to and can give some insights into upcoming negotiations for any new Free Trade Agreements in the future.

We’ve saved millions of dollars for WA businesses who have utilised Free Trade Agreements and we can save you money too.

We can assist with research and strategies for:

  • Market selection
  • Market entry channel
  • eCommerce
  • Business matching and partners
  • Navigating tariff and non-tarrif barriers
  • Incoterms, quarantine, GST, compliance
  • Purchase contracts
  • Agency and distribution agreements
  • Government grants and assistance programmes

CCIWA is a founding member of the Australian Made, Australian Grown Campaign. We are the WA agent and contact for new and existing subscribers. We can help you access this logo – find out more

The TradeStart network is an extension to Austrade’s own offices and is delivered in partnership with CCIWA.

The prime objective of Austrade’s TradeStart network is to assist small and medium sized exporters to achieve long-term success in international markets.

It offers exporters the combined resources of Austrade and CCIWA, providing local assistance and a direct link to Austrade’s services and overseas network.

Austrade Tradestart Services are provided free of charge to WA businesses under the Austrade contract.

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