Workplace Health and Safety

New Workplace Health and Safety Act Webinar

Matt Butterworth (WHS Practitioner) and Paul Moss (Principal Workplace Relations Advocate) provide an introduction to the new WHS legislation and regulations and outline practical steps to transition to the new system.

Tailored and easy to implement

After 130 years of experience, we appreciate that no two businesses
are the same when it comes to workplace health and safety.
We will take the time to work with you to understand
your business’ risk level based on
the size, the type of work carried out and your industry.

Our qualified Workplace Health and Safety experts provide cost-effective solutions to manage your WHS needs, reduce the risk to your workers and help you meet WA’s WHS laws.

Our workplace health and safety services

WHS Inspections
Our specialised team will conduct a detailed inspection of your business premises to identify potential hazards, to assist in complying with health and safety legislation, to protect your employees and prevent work-related injury. It involves a walk-through visual inspection, with the CCIWA team member providing on the spot advice. A full report with a compliance score, as well as compliance actions is provided.
Customised WHS Training
Our qualified industry experts provide cost-effective WHS training either in our CCIWA training rooms or out at your premises. The content and activities are tailored to your workforce and business needs as well as the length of delivery, which is generally from one hour to one day.
WHS Audits
Audits are fundamental for analysing your business’ workplace health and safety performance. Our qualified lead-auditor can provide an independent audit against ISO 45001, legislation, or your own WHS management system.

The audit process includes interviews, observations and documentation review with results reported. If any gaps or issues are identified in the audit, our consultancy team can work with you to improve performance and compliance.

Changes to WHS legislation Information Sessions
Our qualified team provide briefing sessions to educate your business leaders on their WHS obligation under the new WHS Act, to educate and assist with compliance and to reduce the risk to your employees, contractors and consumers.
Workplace Health and Safety Checklist

Workplace Health and Safety Check-up $199

Ideal for businesses with limited time and safety resources, this check-up involves our experienced safety and risk consultants conducting a physical inspection of your workplace and providing safety advice and recommendations based on their findings.

*Subject to terms and conditions.

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