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Established over 10 years ago, CCI Migration Services (MARN 1382192) is a professional migration agency, providing reliable immigration consultancy and visa services to employers.

With two full-time Registered Migration Agents, we provide a professional service to employers at highly competitive rates.

Our services include:

  • Employer Sponsored Temporary 457 visas and Labour Agreements
  • Employer Sponsored Permanent visas (ENS and RSMS)
  • Business Investment and Innovation applications
  • Links to private health insurance and professional relocation services
  • Access to CCI overseas recruitment activities

We can also provide you with advice on:

  • Sponsored employment visa obligations
  • Immigration compliance
  • Monitoring issues
  • Work entitlements
  • Complex Australian immigration legislation that businesses may encounter

CCI Members receive 20% off our professional fees.

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Our highly-skilled and experienced Registered Migration Agents make it easier for you to do business by ensuring you remain compliant by guiding you through the immigration process.

Headed by Glen Dival, who has over 38 years of experience within the immigration sector, CCI Migration Services is regarded within the industry as an authority on corporate immigration due to our unparalleled experience, knowledge and close interaction with business and Government.

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CASE STUDY: HR manager finds DIY migration applications not worth the pain

Bridget is the HR Manager, Finance Manager and general Office Manager for a small engineering company providing services to the oil and gas sector. Bridget was instructed to arrange a four year 457 temporary work visa for an Irish engineer who was in Australia on a Working Holiday visa. She was told to just follow the Immigration website instructions rather than engage a Migration Agent who would just cost a lot of money to do the same work.

After Bridget lodged all of the applications for a Business Sponsorship, Nomination of the Engineer position to be filled and the visa application for the Irishman - she suddenly got a series of letters from Immigration demanding lots of supplementary information or the applications would all be rejected. Bridget rang CCI to see if she could get some help!

CCI Migration Services asked Bridget to send them a copy of her three applications and the documents she had lodged with them, together with the Immigration request letters. As it happened Bridget hadn’t lodged any supporting documentation at all because the online system hadn’t asked for them. There were also some discrepancies in the information that had been submitted on the application forms in respect of the business training expenditure and the market salary rates being offered to the overseas worker.

As Bridget’s company was a member of CCI, they were able to access the 20 per cent discounted rates for CCI Migration Services to represent them and handle the entire application processes on their behalf. The migration team clarified some of the information Bridget had submitted, obtained company documents to substantiate their claims and submitted them to Immigration with detailed explanations as to how the company and their nominated overseas worker did in fact meet all the requirements for the 457 visa program. They even got Immigration to extend the Irishman’s six month limitation on working for the same employer while the 457 visa was being processed.

After a few more weeks of processing, Immigration approved the company’s Business Sponsorship and Nomination applications - and also granted the Irishman a four year temporary 457 work visa. Bridget’s boss told her not to risk cutting costs on such important issues in future – it was always best to engage professional assistance in the first place than suffer the consequences later on!

Bridget just sighed and shook her head…

For more information on how CCI Migration Services can help your business please email migration@cciwa.com or phone (08) 9365 7457.

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