CCIWA signs MoU with peak India seafood export group

CCIWA is supporting ongoing efforts to boost collaboration between the WA and Indian commercial seafood sectors with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding last week.

The MoU between CCIWA and the Seafood Exporters Association of India (SEAI) includes, but is not limited to:

  • CCIWA and SEAI maintaining regular contact to exchange ideas on growing greater collaboration between WA and India in developing the Indian Ocean blue economy;
  • CCIWA to channel SEAI enquiries or levels of interest to engage with the Indian seafood industry to SEAI;
  • SEAI to channel Indian seafood industry enquires or levels of interest to engage with WA’s seafood industry to CCIWA; and
  • The mutual exchange of seafood industry enquiries from WA and India may include trade, investment, collaboration partnerships or general knowledge sharing of both the Western Australian and Indian commercial fisheries.

CCIWA and SEAI share a common vision to support Indian Ocean regional food and protein security and the blue economies of the Indian Ocean.

Michael Carter, Head of International Trade and Investment at CCIWA, said: “The Indian Ocean doesn’t separate India and WA but binds us in so many ways; in trade and investment, regional security, the Quad defence collaboration and commercial fishing.”

“Both Western Australian and India’s commercial fisheries and aquaculture can collaborate and partner to address regional food security and play a pivotal role in greening the blue economies of the India Ocean Rim,” he said.

The MoU signing followed a joint webinar between CCIWA and SEAI on February 23 in which participants were able to better understand and explore areas of harvest and post-harvest collaboration.

“This landmark MoU between CCIWA and the Seafood Exporters Association India (SEAI) paves the opportunity for government and industry on both sides of the Indian Ocean to explore these commercial and research collaborations,” said Carter.

“This further underpins the growing convergence of shared values in the increasingly important WA and India relationship.”

SEAI National President Jagdish Fofandi said: “CCIWA and SEAI have signed a landmark MOU, which will lead to a sea of opportunities for members of both and organisations and both countries as well. This is our first step towards a more mutually benefiting relationship.”

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