CCIWA Small Business Summit: A platform for growth and collaboration

CCIWA is excited to announce its annual Small Business Summit, a gathering focused on addressing the key issues impacting small businesses in WA. 

The two-hour summit on 29 November at CCIWA’s Perth office enables business owners to come together, share experiences and engage in a facilitated discussion that can lead to solutions, support and growth opportunities. 

Small and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of our community, playing a vital role in driving economic prosperity. Recognising the immense energy and determination that business owners bring to the table, CCIWA acknowledges that they are currently grappling with a variety of challenges, including worker shortages, increasingly complex and onerous regulatory requirements and rising cost pressures. 

WA Small Business Day – The Surf Boardroom from CCIWA on Vimeo.

The summit offers a unique opportunity for business owners to voice their concerns, highlight their successes and provide valuable input on what they need from the Government and how CCIWA can support them. 

At this year’s summit, attendees will have the chance to hear from CCIWA CEO Chris Rodwell and Chief Economist Aaron Morey as well as other prominent members of the business community. These thought leaders will share their insights and expertise, offering a valuable perspective on the current economic landscape and how it impacts small businesses in WA. 

The summit provides a unique forum where small business owners can collaborate, gain new perspectives and work towards solutions for their shared challenges. 

Don’t miss this valuable opportunity to participate in the conversation about the future of small businesses in WA and how CCIWA can assist in overcoming obstacles and driving growth. 

Book your ticket today. 

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