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How to reinforce your brand

By CCIWA Editor 

A strong brand identity is a powerful tool in a crowded marketplace. People need to know what you stand for and why you are the best – the unique value that sets you apart.  

Your brand needs to be constantly reinforced to maintain and expand your market share. 

But getting your brand message across can involve as much art as science – with many brands using a little lateral thinking and a healthy dose of humour to create brand attachment.  

Along with direct messaging, you want to create strong positive associations with your company.  

You should already have the mechanics of your brand sorted. That means you have a consistent colour scheme, typeface and logo across all forms of hard copy and digital communications.  

Reinforcing that brand is about maintaining visibility and underlining key messages. 

Sum up your brand 

Think of three or four words you would like people to associate with your business and consider how you can align your business more closely with these values in your everyday interactions. 

If you want to be seen as “dynamic” or “different”, look at how you can do some everyday things differently.

Perth-based business hub Carbon Group have tweaked an often-overlooked component: hold messages. Surveys indicate customers can be driven mad by the standard “your call is important to us’’ message.  

Instead Carbon invested in a service that provides entertaining business trivia to those on hold. As well as alleviating frustrations, it subtly conveys the message Carbon values thinking outside the box and attention to detail. 

Expand your content 

Content marketing is huge, with companies twigging to the fact interesting, useful content trumps self-promotion every time.  

Consider a regular blog, newsletter or even podcast which may be of interest to your market. Think about what your customers are interested in and tell fascinating stories, without the focus on tooting your own horn.  

It can position your company as both expert and helpful.  

Marketing guru Tim Reid transformed his business about seven years ago when he began uploading a free weekly podcast to his website. The popularity of the entertaining and informative podcast has led to a lucrative speaking career. 

Event sponsorship 

This doesn’t need to be the domain of corporates. If your business is family or child-focused, get involved in sponsoring local junior sports teams or school fetes.  

Consider how you can leverage humour, as eyewear company OPSM did back in 2010, when it kicked off a deal to sponsorship umpires in the AFL. 

Social media 

Social media can be a highly-effective, low-cost method to reinforce your brand. Make sure you do your research on what platforms are most effective for reaching your audience.  

You want a targeted, rather than scattergun approach. Social media can be a great vehicle for reinforcing your brand with humour.  

People will share content they find useful or interesting. Think outside the box to include pictures or video. 


Use email templates for a consistent look when communicating with your database — there are several sites online that offer templates for your business emails.  

Include clickable links and ensure it’s responsive, as people will most likely read them on a mobile or tablet. 

A strong brand identity is a powerful tool in a crowded marketplace. People need to know what you stand for and why you are the best – the unique value that sets you apart.  

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