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Your checklist for tender applications

By CCIWA Editor 

Run through this list before submitting your tender for some great ways to get you ahead of the pack:

  • Does this tender align with your business goals? Before writing your response, put yourself in the position of the tender company. What are their motivations and how can you capitalise on them? What will they see as the pros and cons of your application? Can you strengthen your position? 
  • Every time you make a statement, ask yourself: “So what?” This will ensure all information is relevant and help you to clearly identify the benefits you bring. 
  • Refer to failed tenders submitted to the company to identify why they failed. 
  • Know your competition and consider their pros and cons. Can you deliver advantages? 
  • Have you addressed all the criteria and conditions, satisfied every request for information, answered every question and followed all instructions for preparation and submission to the letter? This includes font size, layout, page numbering everything. 
  • Have you demonstrated compliance with the specifications and conditions of the tender and shown how your solution maximises benefits and minimises risk. Benefits can include quality control, technical capabilities and qualifications, cost savings, ongoing support and financial and corporate stability. 
  • Show that you have the required industry licences and are compliant with relevant government regulations, workplace relations, insurance, OSH and employment requirements. 
  • Show detailed plans, rosters, delivery schedules and methodologies to demonstrate how you would fulfil your responsibilities. 
  • Have someone not involved in the tender preparation read both the Invitation to Tender and your submission. 
Run through this list before submitting your tender for some great ways to get you ahead of the pack:

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