Exemptions from excessive regulation highlight regulatory excess

Exempting businesses from certain planning requirements under the State of Emergency powers is a welcome step by the Planning Minister and delivers another important recommendation by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA (CCIWA) to the State Government.

The State Government has rightly recognised that excessive Council regulations strangle economic activity and prosperity. The continuous and productive coordination of both levels of government with CCIWA and the business community is welcome.

Businesses are working hard to adapt to COVID-19 and a temporary exemption will help sustain continuing economic activity where possible. The measures announced by the State Government will enable businesses to do simple but important things like expand and vary delivery times, provide alternative parking and accommodation and otherwise support their adaptation to evolving restrictions.

What these changes also serve to highlight is that some aspects of local planning schemes and approval requirements are unnecessarily complex, time consuming and counterproductive to businesses even in ordinary operating conditions.

Although a temporary emergency exemption to these excessive regulations is helpful, the task of rebuilding will be no less immediate for WA businesses than the challenge currently posed by COVID-19. Using Streamline WA to permanently remove obstructive regulations would directly support the revival of the WA economy in the recovery phase.

Aaron Morey,

CCIWA Chief Economist

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