Xplorate expanding aerial intelligence presence globally

WA-based aerial intelligence company Xplorate anticipates at least four-fold growth in the next 12 months and beyond, as it expands internationally.

Xplorate is transforming aerial intelligence by bridging the gap between traditional aviation operations and modern data gathering and analytics.

A drone hovers over an offshore oil platform under a clear blue sky, with various industrial structures and equipment in the background.

The company’s Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPASs) are integrated into various industries including energy, infrastructure, search and rescue (SAR), cargo capability and safety.

“Our RPAS’ state-of-the-art sensors enable Xplorate to capture vital data necessary for infrastructure inspections, aerial surveillance, and greenhouse gas and methane detection and quantification,” says CEO Ronnie Fahy.

“Our sensors can also pick up bushfire hotspots invisible to the human eye, predicting where fires can potentially spread during night surveillance.”

Major growth plans

Three men standing around a white helicopter.

Xplorate CEO Ronnie Fahy (centre) with representatives from SwissDrones at the Xplorate base in Chinchilla. Images: Xplorate.

Listed on WA Investments*, Xplorate is on a rapid growth trajectory which includes its international arm raising US$17 million for operational expansion and commercial development.

The initial investment round has secured 70% of the funds from a major energy company, US technology investor and a New York-based family office.

“We are now looking for a second tranche of investing, with a closing target of Q3 2024,” Fahy says.

“This investment will allow Xplorate to continue its growth, both in terms of product offering and geographical footprint.”

Headquartered in Perth, the company also operates in Queensland and Switzerland, and has delivered services in Indonesia.

It is expanding operations into South Australia and Southeast Asia, the Middle East and North America.

Fahy says broadening into these overseas markets “makes sense both strategically and operationally as there are similar customers dealing with a similar product line”.

“Our primary goal is for Xplorate to be valued globally at US$1 billion plus by 2030,” he says.

“Continuous RPAS technology advancements coupled with rising environmental considerations are growing demand for aerial intelligence.”

Focus on regional Australia

Xplorate plans to invest in regional communities across Australia, including recruiting and training staff from rural areas.

“We also have plans to expand more into the emergency services space to assist with fire and rescue as well as critical delivery of medical supplies to outback Australia,” Fahy says.

“And, we’re looking at scholarship programs for kids living in the regions.”

Seizing opportunities in rapidly-changing sector

Two men standing around a white helicopter.Xplorate combines two of the world’s fastest growing industries – data intelligence (including artificial intelligence and machine learning) and robotics.

The global autonomous aircraft market is expected to reach US$26.2b by 2030, with a compound annual growth rate more than 29.5%, according to Rationalstat.

“Our technology is having a growing reach and application,” Fahy says.

“For example, we are just touching the beginning of how RPAS and data will improve intelligence and remote cargo delivery for the energy sector.”

Xplorate’s SAR capability is also seeing increasing demand.


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