CCIWA’s export toolkit

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If you're about to take your local business global, you'll need a range of new tools, resources and support. Our toolkit is here to get you started.  

Engineer man with yellow crash helmet and worker west checking cargo freights in front of colorful cargo container stacks in shipping port
Setting your export price 

 Your export pricing structure will be different to your domestic pricing. You will need to take into account a broad range of costs you may be unfamiliar with. Too high, and you risk pricing yourself out of the market. Too low, and you eat into profit and risk your long-term sustainability in the market. So what do you need to do to make sure your quote falls in the sweet spot? 


You will need to clarify which party is responsible to pay and assume risks at each stage of the export process, known as Incoterms. Are you, or your buyer responsible for contracting and paying for delivery and freight, insurance providers and duties? 

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