2022-23 Pre-budget submission

Seizing the opportunity to diversify

WA is increasingly reliant on the mining sector. It now comprises almost 50 per cent of our economy, the highest proportion on record.  

But commodity markets will inevitably turn. The State Government itself expects business investment growth to be anaemic as we approach 2025. 

Our State is not yet pulling the levers that would provide sustained, stronger growth and diversification.  

Our pre-budget submission includes recommendations to the State Government that will encourage WA businesses to invest and help our economy to diversify.

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Keep the costs of doing business low

  • Reform WA’s payroll tax model to provide relief for small and medium enterprises 
  • Make immediate changes to reduce the tax compliance burden 
  • Arrest the creeping cost of workplace laws 

Ensure a skilled workforce and efficient infrastructure

  • Boost women’s workforce participation by reforming kindy funding and addressing early childhood teacher shortages    
  • Alleviate supply chain pressures by intervening in industrial disputes and addressing other bottlenecks   
  • Allow all SMEs to choose their electricity retailer 

Ensure regulation helps, not hinders, innovation and investment

  • Tie the rising costs of regulation that are recovered by government from industry to improving regulatory service delivery 
  • Invest more in digitising regulatory services 
  • Remove retail trading restrictions for a thriving retail sector 

Position WA as an attractive place to invest

  • Get WA’s trade and investment commissioners back in market as soon as possible   
  • Establish a trade and investment office in the United States 
  • Develop a comprehensive WA investment deal book 
Making paid work pay for families

Making the most of the workforce we have available is more important than ever. And for WA, the scope for gains is enormous.

Workplace Health and Safety

Cost-effective solutions to manage your WHS needs, reduce the risk to your workers and help you meet WA WHS laws.

CCIWA Budget Breakdown

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