Regulation should be designed and administered to achieve a public interest, not make it hard to do business. Good regulation is a necessity, but red tape problems arise when excessive and poorly-administered requirements are placed on businesses.

Red tape hurts the economy by wasting resources, delaying new projects and discouraging business investment. Ultimately, red tape costs WA jobs.

Red tape and poorly designed regulations take business owners away from growing their business and creating jobs.

We’re working for

  • Eliminating sources of red tape, including excessive paperwork, delays in approvals, unnecessary information requests, complicated and poorly designed regulations, as well as inconsistent and incorrect interpretation of the rules.
  • Identifying opportunities for improving how regulation is administered and ensuring government provides clear guidance to businesses on the rules.
  • Allowing businesses to provide feedback to regulators so they can consider and fix red tape problems.
  • Ensuring government uses best-practice approaches to understand the cost of their policies before implementing them.

Policy in action

Our submission to the ERA’s Inquiry into Reform of Business Licensing in Western Australia supported actions to reduce the regulatory burden and other economic costs for businesses.

Submission to the ERA’s Inquiry into Reform of Business Licensing in Western Australia

We’re asking our Members to describe how regulation has blocked their business’s growth and ambition. Share your story so we can help identify and remove barriers, blockages and bottlenecks to business.