CCIWA backs 43% by 2030 emissions reduction target in new position paper

CCIWA has today released a comprehensive position statement on climate change, which supports the Federal Government’s 43 per cent reduction target by 2030 and calls for swifter climate action to attract business investment.

The result of more than a year of consultation with thousands of CCIWA Members, the policy paper defines the expectations of the WA business community on climate action and makes recommendations for both State and Federal Government.

The paper reinforces CCIWA’s longstanding support for Australia’s ‘net zero’ by 2050 target, and backs the new Federal Government’s target of 43 per cent emissions reduction by 2030.


It also makes practical recommendations for achieving those targets including:

  • strengthen existing mechanisms such as the Emissions Reduction Fund, the Safeguard Mechanism and the Secondary Carbon Credit Market;
  • align State and national targets, with the Federal Government taking the lead;
  • broaden the national and State-based migration programs and train up the local workforce to deliver an energy transition;
  • establish an independent advisory body on climate change, with cross-sectoral business representation in its membership; and
  • continue to reduce barriers that slow down access to land and enabling infrastructure.

To support businesses on their climate change journey, CCIWA has also launched a new resource,, which includes information, and advice from other businesses in a new CCIWA Climate Change Community.

Businesses are also encouraged to read our position statement and provide feedback via a survey.

“Though WA businesses are committed to action on climate change, a high degree of uncertainty remains about the practical steps they should take,” CCIWA CEO Chris Rodwell said.

“WA’s SMEs will need advice, support and resources to prepare and undertake this transformation.”

However, he said with WA’s emissions-intensive economy oriented towards the production of energy, minerals and primary industry produce, the critical challenge of climate change is particularly complex.

“Yet through this process, both regional and metropolitan businesses expressed strong commitment to action and a willingness to bear higher energy prices without any sacrifice in reliability, in order to pursue responsible emissions reduction targets,” he said.

“CCIWA is confident that a bright future of diverse industries, sustainable jobs and further prosperity is within WA’s reach.”


Ready to start your climate change journey? Find out more at 

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