CCIWA launches new Member Hub

CCIWA has launched a Member Hub in Perth’s CBD featuring six open design workspaces and high-speed internet access.

The hub, which is on the same floor as CCIWA’s new offices at Level 5, 235 St Georges Terrace, is designed to be a sanctuary for Members looking to spend a couple of hours working between CBD meetings.

The new offices, featuring new multimedia facilities, will also be the location for the majority of CCIWA’s training, seminars and smaller events.

CCIWA have also created a second location in Osborne Park to support our Apprenticeship Support Australia team and its clients. The ASA team plan to move into their new location later this month.

CEO Chris Rodwell says, “we’re looking forward to welcoming our Members to both of our new premises. Rest assured, they have been carefully designed to meet current health-related workplace restrictions as a result of COVID-19.”


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