FWC makes process easier for business

Small and family business owners will find it easier to deal with the Fair Work Commission (FWC) after it announced some changes this week.

The commission released its plan to reduce the complexity of the Fair Work system and make it easier for users over the next 12 months.

Small and Family Business, Workplace and Deregulation Minister Craig Laundy, who launched the plan, said the commission had consulted widely on the changes.

“Navigating the Fair Work system can be challenging and there are big penalties if the laws are not followed correctly,” he said.

“Small and family business owners don’t have the same resources as bigger businesses. Making it easier for them means they can focus on growing their businesses.”

CCI’s Workplace Consulting Manager Ryan Martin welcomed changes that make it easier for small businesses to navigate the complexities of industrial relations’ legislation.

“We support a better process that helps to protect small businesses from vexatious claims that we regularly see cost time and money that small businesses simply do not have,” he said.

“Our team represents employers who do receive unfair dismissal claims and can often assist in identifying ones that are unmeritorious and provide strategies to finalise these as promptly and as cost effectively as possible, but a better process is needed to ensure small employers who have tried to do the right thing aren’t unnecessarily penalised.”

The FWC will provide more support to self-represented employees and employers who are unfamiliar with the Fair Work Act and the commission’s processes.

Other proposed changes include:

  • Improved access to information, giving people the ability to download case information from any device at any time – and build in SMS reminders about upcoming dates.
  • Expanding access to free legal advice.
  • Developing short summaries of key modern awards and improving agreement processing times.
  • Partnering with experts in behavioural insights to make FWC services more customer intuitive.

For more information about the changes visit fwc.gov.au.

CCI’s Workplace Consulting team can team will give you access to practical, cost effective industrial relations and human resources solutions. Talk to us today on 08 9365 7746 or email [email protected] for more information.

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