More WA businesses reporting hard border impacts

For the first time, there are more WA businesses reporting serious impacts from WA’s hard border, than there are businesses which report being unaffected, according to the latest WA Super – CCIWA Business Confidence Survey.

The most common complaint was supply chain disruptions, reported by more than four in ten businesses.

Meanwhile, one in five businesses reported that they are struggling to access skilled workers from other states.

One in four businesses identified a shortage of skilled labour as the most significant barrier facing their business in the year ahead.

Overall confidence

While short-term confidence has recovered to its highest level since March 2018, longer-term concerns remain.

Two in five businesses believe economic conditions in WA will deteriorate in the next year.

This compares to December 2019’s survey showing around one in five businesses with a negative outlook.

Read the full WA Super – CCIWA Business Confidence Survey and our response.

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