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New code eases tenancy talks

The introduction of a mandatory code for tenants and landlords has seen as increase in ‘extremely supportive’ negotiations between businesses and landlords, according to the CCIWA’s COVID-19 Business Impact Survey.

The survey also showed there had been a reduction in ‘extremely unsupportive’ negotiations, from around 7 per cent to almost 0 per cent.

The code of conduct, based on a National Cabinet Code of Conduct, provides a framework for negotiations between landlords and tenants.

Its accompanying legislation, enacted from 30 March 2020, bans evictions and rent increases for six months.

The laws aim to help keep tenants in homes and protect businesses during the COVID-19 downturn.

They include restrictions on penalties for tenants who do not trade or reduce their trading hours, a rule that no interest will be charged on rent arrears, and an enhanced dispute resolution process.

WA business insight into the COVID-19 crisis is given weekly by CCIWA Chief Economist Aaron Morey during his Economic Pulse webinar.

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