WA-USA trade alliance drives growth for businesses

Born from mateship formed in WWI, the WA-USA bilateral trade relationship transcends decades and has entered a new era driven by global demand to decarbonise. 

L-R: CCIWA’s Michael Carter, Titan Ford’s Mark Rossiter, US Consul General Siriana Nair and US Consulate Perth’s Lu Zhou.

This was the focus of a CCIWA event on April 24 where the innovation and prosperity derived from the relationship for both partners was highlighted to attendees. 

Held at Titan Ford, Melville, and headlined by the Ford Mustang Mach-E (electric vehicle), recently launched in Australia, the event provided an opportunity for prospective and current US trade partners to connect.  

WA is the USA’s sixth largest trading partner, with $9.2 billion worth of goods exchanged in 2022-23. 

US Consul General Siriana Nair says WA is known for innovation, perseverance and productivity, being “a State that succeeds at doing the ‘hard’ things, often in remote locations and trying conditions”. 

“Whether it’s in defence and space, mining and resources, higher education and research, climate change and clean energy, West Australians and Americans are working in partnership every single day,” she says. 

“And they’re doing so to generate wealth, find solutions and, ultimately, make the world better. Our economic partnership has driven prosperity in both our countries for over a hundred years.” 

The Ford legacy continues 

The new Ford Mustang Mach-E.

As Ford Motor Company founder Henry Ford said in 1923: “Businesses that grow by development and improvement do not die.” 

Michael Carter, Head of CCIWA’s International Trade and Investment Centre, says Ford Motor Company founder Henry Ford’s remarks in 1923 that “businesses that grow by development and improvement do not die” still resonate today. 

“Especially considering Ford’s early ventures into EVs as far back as 1914 with Thomas Edison,” he says. 

“Today, Ford continues its legacy of innovation with models like the Mach-E EV and the fuel-efficient F-150.” 

Titan Ford Dealer Principal Mark Rossiter says Ford has been part of the WA community for nearly 100 years.  

“Our locally designed and engineered Ford Ranger was WA’s second-best selling vehicle in 2023, and we’re pleased to offer a full range of vehicles to suit the lifestyles of all West Australian customers – from the fully electric Mustang Mach-E, to the iconic F-150,” he says. 

More than 100 major US companies have regional headquarters in WA, and several WA companies are well-established in the US including Woodside, Austal and DUG Technology.  

Nair says: “While we’ve accomplished some great things together, I believe that the most compelling aspect of our alliance is the future.” 


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