WA’s border rules are easing: what now?

WA’s businesses have welcomed the State Government’s decision to shift from a hard to a “controlled” border, with eased restrictions for travellers from Australia’s safest states.

WA Premier Mark McGowan recently announced that WA’s hard border policy would end this Saturday, November 14, with travellers from “very low risk” jurisdictions in Australia allowed in without quarantining.

Since April 5, WA has only allowed entry to those who fall into a special exemption category and then adhere to strict quarantine requirements.

The announcement follows a progressive easing of WA COVID-19 infections since the beginning of April.

We’ve gathered your frequently asked questions about changes to border restrictions on covid19.cciwa.com, and you can read an extract of these below.

What is changing on 14 November 2020?

WA’s hard border is shifting to a ‘controlled border’ from 14 November 2020. There will be essential measures in place based on the state your employee is returning from, and you should confirm specific requirements via the wa.gov.au website; however, there are still quarantine requirements in some circumstances.

Those travelling from NSW or Victoria will need to self-quarantine at a suitable premise for 14 days and must also present for a COVID-19 test on the 11th day if they are still in WA.

Those returning from other states or territories do not need to quarantine. All interstate travellers to WA must have completed a G2G PASS declaration, submit for health screening and a temperature test on arrival at Perth Airport and COVID-19 testing if required.

Do our employees still need to quarantine in a hotel at our expense?

If your employees are returning from NSW or VIC they only need to self-quarantine in ‘suitable premises’. Quarantine is otherwise not required.

What about international arrivals?

Employees returning internationally must quarantine in a hotel for 14 days; the WA Government will not cover this expense. They must also present for a mandatory COVID-19 test on day 11 of quarantine.

What if cases increase in other states and territories?

The WA Government reserves the right to delay or cancel these changes to the border based on health advice and if the 14-day rolling average of 5 cases of community transmission is exceeded in any of the other states or territories.

Do I still need a COVID Safety Plan?

Yes, a COVID Safety Plan is still required. Businesses that opened in phase 2, 3 or 4 are required to update and maintain their current COVID Safety Plan accordingly. Our Safety & Risk Team can help you further with this.

For more answers to COVID-19 FAQs head to covid19.cciwa.com. CCIWA Members with questions or concerns can contact our Employee Relations Advice Centre on (08) 9365 7660.

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