Travel restrictions: a guide for business

By CCIWA Editor

Rules around who’s allowed to travel and why change fast in response to COVID-19, so knowing where to find the latest information is key.Restrictions vary, but in general, some interstate travel exceptions are made for essential workers. This category may include:

- senior government and military officials;
- emergency service workers; and
- people operating commercial transport and freight.

There is also potential that specialist workers, critical to essential sectors, may be able to apply to enter a state if their skills aren't available in that state.

Even if your travelling staff member fits this category, they will need evidence and documentation. You will need to be across not just your intended destinations' travel restrictions, but also restrictions on return.

Some remote communities may have local restrictions in place which will need to be checked on a case-by-case basis.

Apart from restrictions on movement, you will want to make sure you have a handle on logistics. Pared-back flights mean fewer options. Along with mandatory quarantines your timings, and budget, face blowouts.

The Health Department has correlated a range of resources to help unpack the different rules.


Guidelines for travel within WA, including to remote Aboriginal communities, and from other parts of the country. You can also find information about international travel on this site.


Outlines protocols for entering the ACT from other parts of the country for different sectors of the community, including quarantine requirements.


What you need to know about the NSW border closures.


Up-to-date entry and quarantine requirements for the NT.


Official advice for travellers and visitors to Queensland.


Directions regarding travel into SA, including documentation to complete ahead of entering the State.


Links to information for various categories of travellers into Tasmania.


The latest guidelines on travel restrictions to and from Victoria.

There are additional guidelines for Norfolk Island, Christmas Island and the Cocos (Keelings) Islands.

International travel

Australia citizens and permanent residents are not allowed to fly out of the country unless they meet strict exemption rules. For information on travelling internationally head here. More details on who can enter Australia can be found at the Department of Home Affairs.

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