Your apprentice and trainee toolkit

By CCIWA Editor

From funding pots to online workplace diagnostic tools, recruitment support to first-day induction kits, Apprenticeship Support Australia has you covered.

Get prepared

Nearly 500 qualifications can be completed through the apprentice and traineeship model You can find a list of what does and does not qualify to be delivered in an earn-and-learn setting in WA here. Take Apprenticeship Support Australia's Recruit Ready Diagnostic to get a sense of your preparedness to take on an apprentice and trainees. 

Know your financial supports

There are several financial subsidies and incentives available for employers who take on new apprentices or trainees. Apprenticeship Support Australia holds webinars and can offer one-to-one eligibility advice to employers looking to take on an apprentice or trainee.

Partner up

Both traineeships and apprenticeships involve a combination of on-the-job practical experience as well as structured training through a registered training organisation (RTO). Your RTO will develop a training plan for your apprentice or trainee and monitor its delivery. They will also assess competency, ensuring your apprentice or trainee is meeting industry standards. 

Find your apprentice

Apprenticeship Support Australia offers a suite of recruitment support to help you find the right apprentice or trainee. ASA advertise on the Skillsroad job boards and on its targeted WA Jobs page.

Candidates on ASA's Job Seeker Register and Out-of-Trade Register have been screened and streamed into suitable pathways for employers to access. The team also offers a short-listing service to help employers get interviewing underway more quickly.

You can also advertise your upcoming intake in ASA's WA Apprenticeship and Traineeship Intake Guide for free.

You can access one-to-one support recruiting your apprentice by calling ASA's Careers Gateway Team on 1300 363 831 or email [email protected].

Prepare your workplace

It is especially important to deliver rigorous inductions for younger workers. Because apprentices and trainees are often very young and inexperienced, they can be at a greater risk of being involved in workplace accidents. 

You can find a free On-Boarding Kit for Small Business, including an Employment Contract Template, IT policy, Drug and Alcohol Policy, and Code of Conduct here.

For a Best Practice Induction Guide and First Day Check List head to the Skillsroad website here

Ongoing support

ASA runs a mentoring hotline on 1300 363 831. You can also book in a one-to-one meeting with a mentor. 

For resources to help you have mental health conversations with your employees, head to the Skillsroad website. 

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