Employing apprentice, trainee offers growth at low-cost and risk

By CCIWA Editor 

Do you want to expand your business but are concerned about risk and cost? Consider employing an apprentice or trainee.

Woman scanning a box with a laptop in front of her and man on a computer behind her. They are in a small office with boxes on shelves.Apprenticeships and traineeships cover hundreds of industries and professions. In traditional trades such as carpentry and mechanics, apprenticeships and traineeships have been a training pathway for centuries. But in recent years, they have gained momentum in other sectors, including health, IT, finance and property.  

“Almost every business could benefit from employing an apprentice or trainee. It provides an opportunity to mould and shape the skills of their workforce according to their specific needs,” says Carly Waterfield, Manager of CCIWA’s Apprenticeship Support Australia (ASA).  

“Creating a tailored skilled future workforce allows a customised approach to training and development, ensuring the skills and knowledge align with the business goals and long-term strategies.” 

Benefits to hiring an apprentice or trainee 

1. Minimal cost

As apprentices and trainees are still undergoing their training on the job, their wages are lower than a qualified employee, meaning a minimal financial investment is required to employ them. 

Additionally, the State and Federal Governments are investing heavily in financial incentives to encourage businesses to employ apprentices and trainees, so wages for many occupations can be subsidised.  

Occupations on the Australian Apprenticeships Priority List are eligible for higher incentives. 

2. Train employees your way from the start

Employing someone in the early stages of their training and career enables you to train them in a way to suit your business culture and values. You can finesse their skills and develop their knowledge to be tailored to your business needs, providing you with confidence in how they work. 

3. Secure a source of skills, knowledge and experience

Apprentices and trainees make a commitment to complete their qualification (one to four years) so they can build their skills that are required with the qualification. This commits them to learning, developing and working in your business for the length of their course and once qualified, many stay on with their initial employer for longer. The National Centre for Vocational Education Research reports of those who complete their apprenticeship/traineeship, 62% stay with the same employer.  

4. New ideas

Apprentices and trainees tend to bring fresh ideas and new training and techniques with them that can also benefit experienced staff. They can be a great source of finding different and sometimes more efficient and cost-effective ways of doing things. 

5. Personal reward

Helping develop someone’s career can be a rewarding experience while you simultaneously grow your business. Employing an apprentice or trainee may also give you a sense of purpose knowing that you are supporting the growth of your industry with new skills.  

Powered by CCIWA, Apprenticeship Support Australia (ASA), can facilitate employment, manage training and offer support and advice to companies seeking apprentices to boost their workforce. 

Contact ASA at apprenticeshipsupport@cciwa.com or phone 1300 363 831. 

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