International Trade Certificates and Documentation

Certificates of Origin

We are authorised by the Australian Government to issue documentary evidence of origin for goods exported from Australia in accordance with the relevant international conventions.

A Certificate of Origin is an export document that verifies the country of growth, production or manufacture of the goods specified thereon and is officially required by the customs authorities of many countries. The document is often requested by buyers to satisfy themselves that the products they are importing are wholly obtained, produced or manufactured in a particular country.

Some documents, particularly exports to the Middle East, require further legalisation by foreign embassies and consulates. We can assist you with the correct procedures.

In addition, we can also issue Certificates of Free Sale, and providing certification services for other documents such as commercial invoices, price lists, agency and distributorship agreements and visa letters.

Our convenient online service via essCert means you can apply for Certificates of Origin electronically. Simply register online and start processing your export documentation in minutes.

ATA Carnet

An Admission Temporaire or Temporary Admission Carnet is a customs clearance document that removes the need to raise bonds or deposit duty at customs posts, reducing the clearance time on importation and re-exportation. A Carnet is valid for up to one year.

Carnets are issued and guaranteed by national organisations around the world. The terms and conditions of the ATA Carnet System are enforced through written agreements between guaranteeing associations of the ATA Carnet chain and the World Chambers Federation in Paris.

There are now 74 countries participating in the ATA Carnet system. Goods that qualify for the document include commercial samples, goods for exhibition, professional equipment and other non-consumable items.

Why use a Carnet?
  • A Carnet allows temporary duty free admission of goods into foreign countries – which will save you money. You don’t need to put up security bonds at each Customs point, which avoids the worry of retrieving your funds from each foreign agency when the goods exit.
  • You don’t need to prepare importation forms for different countries – saving you time. You simply present your Carnet with the goods at each Customs point of entry.
  • You will avoid the possibility of your goods being confiscated by Customs who may require payment for the release of the goods.

Accurately identify all goods or equipment going on your Carnet with our template.

Authorise a company or agent to act on your behalf for dealing with Carnets issued by CCIWA.

Australian Made Logo

CCIWA is a founding member of the Australian Made, Australian Grown Campaign. We are the WA agent and contact for new and existing subscribers.

Australian Made, Australian Grown helps people understand why it is important to support local farmers and manufacturers and makes it easy for them to do so, by assisting them to identify authentic Australian made or grown products.

The Australian Made logo only appears on authenticated products that qualify as being Australian made or grown under a strict selection criterion.

  • The AMAG logo is an identifier of quality and genuinely manufactured or grown Aussie products world wide.
  • All licensed products are featured in the Australian Made online marketplace.
  • Licensees are provided with essential marketing tools that will help them grow their business and are offered support and guidance to ensure that they get maximum value from using the logo. Year-round marketing promotes products through a mix of on and off-line advertising and promotion.

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