CCI - Supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia (CCI) is committed to supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment.

CCI is working to make the commitment a reality in the following ways:

Supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander apprentices -  25% of apprentices with CCI’s Apprenticeship Australia are indigenous.

Creating indigenous pathway programs in the oil and gas sector through our Energy Apprenticeships Group.

Supporting the Vocational Training and Employment Centre (VTEC) model by working closely with the Wirrpanda Foundation.

Working with businesses across WA to make indigenous employment easy and help them achieve their indigenous employment goals by

  • Designing and implementation of indigenous employment strategy, policies and procedures
  • Employment and Training reviews, including pathways design
  • Policy & program design and review
  • Organisational alignment to tender requirements
  • Cultural Intelligence Programs

CCI believes the WA business community has a vital role to play in making a difference, closing the gap and improving equality of opportunity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.