Staff Stories

Want to know what it’s like to work at CCIWA?

Our staff offer insights into their roles.

Carly Waterfield | Manager, ASA WA


Coming into my role during the busiest ASA period on record was memorable. Over the last two years, apprentice commencement numbers have essentially doubled.

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Siobhan Griffiths | Manager, Employee Relations Advice Centre


A typical day in the office usually starts with having a laugh with a colleague and a cup of tea.

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Devon Zaltsman | Senior Marketing Specialist

You catch more bees with honey, than you do with vinegar’ is a tried-and-tested piece of advice that resonates with me. It’s a simple concept that’s completely founded in truth.

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Anthea Wesley | Senior Policy Adviser

I meet with members to hear their concerns, I draft policy papers and submissions advocating for key areas of reform, and I engage with government to deliver positive policy outcomes.

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Briana Stanway | Workplace Relations Lawyer

Mediating disputes for clients and assisting clients to find solutions that work for them that they wouldn’t have found without mediation.

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Carol Abrahams | Manager, Member Experience & Insights

The best part of the job is talking to our members and then implementing change that has a positive impact on their experience.

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Chris Nunn | Learning Solutions Consultant

Never assume something must continue being done as it always has, instead ask ‘why’ is it being done like this and ‘what’ can we do better?

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Caitlin Mayor | ASA Industry Consultant

My most memorable achievement to date would be my career progression at CCIWA. Starting in February 2020 as a client support officer and progressing into an Industry Training Consultant within four months.

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