Energy & Resources

Western Australia is a leading producer and exporter of energy and minerals. Our natural endowment of energy and mineral resources combined with world-class knowledge and capability in extracting and transporting materials to international markets gives us a competitive advantage.

We believe the efficient production, supply and consumption of energy and resources underpins Western Australia’s economy.

The success of Western Australia’s energy resources sectors cannot be taken for granted. Global competition, technological advances and changing community expectations mean the markets in which Western Australia participates, both locally and internationally, are rapidly evolving.

Western Australia must work to ensure it remains an attractive and competitive investment destination. Policy and regulatory frameworks need to facilitate a business-friendly environment if we are to continue to lead the world in energy and minerals production.

We’re working for

  • Ensuring the ongoing affordability, reliability and security of energy supply in Western Australia, nationally and internationally.
  • Supporting the efficient supply, production and consumption of energy and resources in Western Australia.
  • Identifying and addressing the enablers and inhibitors of growth in the energy and resources sectors.
  • Understanding future opportunities for the exploration and development of Western Australia’s energy and resources.

What we’ve been up to

Our response to the State Government’s Climate Change issues paper highlighted the important role of industry innovation in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We provided examples of businesses developing technologies and projects to lower energy use and emissions across WA. We also discussed the challenges of integrating renewable energy into the State’s main electricity grid and suggested potential technical solutions to address this.

Climate Change in Western Australia Issues Paper

We supported cost-effective action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and alignment between State and Federal Government policies to achieve Australia’s international emissions reduction targets in our recent submission to the Environmental Protection Authority.

Submission to the Environmental Protection Authority

Our submission to National Hydrogen Strategy Task Force highlighted the opportunities and challenges for Australia developing a viable hydrogen industry. We also and put forward the case for Western Australia’s potential to be a central part of the global hydrogen economy.

Submission to National Hydrogen Strategy Task Force

Our in-depth economic study of the global lithium battery supply chain identified opportunities, challenges for Western Australia in this rapidly-growing market.

Economic study of the global lithium battery supply chain