State Finances

A recent history of budget deficits and increasing net debt means Western Australia’s finances are in serious need of repair.

A focus on spending restraint and debt reduction will support the long-term sustainability of the State’s finances and ensure resources are directed to where they are needed most.

We believe responsible fiscal management is crucial for a thriving Western Australian economy.

We’re working for

Our commitment is to strengthen WA businesses, to bring about the best conditions for economic growth and job creation, and to make this State the best possible place to live, work and do business.

Through our advocacy, we are constantly pursuing better tax, financial and regulatory settings that make it easier for our members to run and grow their businesses.

We understand that when WA businesses prosper, so do Western Australians and only a strong economy can deliver the good jobs people and certainty that Western Australians need to uphold their dreams and ambitions. That’s why CCIWA is always focused on ensuring our decision-makers understand the critical role of WA businesses to the economy.

What we’ve been up to

Our 2019-20 Pre-budget Submission presented a series of recommendations to the State Government on how it can bring the WA economy back to a position of strength.

2019-20 Pre-budget Submission