State Finances

A recent history of budget deficits and increasing net debt means Western Australia’s finances are in serious need of repair.

A focus on spending restraint and debt reduction will support the long-term sustainability of the State’s finances and ensure resources are directed to where they are needed most.

We believe responsible fiscal management is crucial for a thriving Western Australian economy.

We’re working for

  • Urging the State Government to return the budget to surplus and reduce net debt as its highest priority. 
  • Ensuring budget repair and debt reduction is achieved through spending restraint and efficiency improvements in the public sector – not by increased taxes on businesses. 
  • Backing the State Government to examine State-owned assets to determine if they would be better placed in private ownership.  

What we’ve been up to

Our 2019-20 Pre-budget Submission presented a series of recommendations to the State Government on how it can reign in spending and reduce debt.

2019-20 Pre-budget Submission