Workplace Relations

The current workplace relations framework was designed for a bygone era and is inefficient and complex, especially for small business. It promotes an adversarial approach and is incompatible with the future of the world of work in a modern Australian economy operating in a globally competitive environment.  

Australia needs a workplace relations framework that is genuinely fair for both business and employees, is pro-employment, small business friendly and provides greater flexibility to make our workplaces more productive and competitive. 

We believe Western Australia’s workplace relations system should encourage and support job creation, deliver flexibility for both employers and employees and remain simple and practical.

We’re working for

  • Supporting workplace laws built on the principle of direct engagement and cooperation between employers and employees to ensure businesses remain competitive, flexible and responsive to the changing demands of the market. 
  • Advocating for a regulatory framework that encourages and supports business growth, investment and job creation.  
  • Reducing business compliance costs and complexity to ensure workplace regulations are easily understood by employers and employees, particularly small business. 
  • Ensuring productive, profitable and sustainable businesses will create more jobs, deliver higher earnings and increased living standards.  

What we’ve been up to

We are supporting the Federal Government’s attempts to introduce new measures that will ensure unions and other registered organisations do not abuse the rights provided to them under the Fair Work Act, such as right of entry and industrial action.

Ensuring Integrity

We are advocating for businesses involved in major projects to have the option of establishing enterprise agreements that operate for the life that project.  These reforms will help manage the risks associated with long term ventures, making WA a more attractive place to invest in new resource projects.

Life of Project Agreements

The Federal Government’s controversial religious freedom reforms raise a number of practical issues for employers in balancing the proposed religious discrimination protections against existing discrimination laws and the need for employers to effectively manage their business. CCIWA has proposed a number of amendments to the draft legislation that will address these concerns without negatively impacting on the intent of the proposed reforms.

Religous Freedom Reform