CCIWA pushes for lockdown compensation

CCIWA has called on the State Government to compensate businesses for their losses during the long weekend lockdown and subsequent restrictions, estimated at more than $200 million.

The chamber has gone out to the WA business community with a survey seeking feedback on how the Perth and Peel snap lockdown and interim restrictions have hurt their business.

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CCIWA’s initial estimates put the cost of the three-day lockdown and four-day interim restrictions at more than $200 million, with small business in the retail, hospitality, fitness and events sectors suffering the biggest losses.

This comes as CCIWA’s Employee Relations Advice Centre (ERAC) fielded a surge in queries about the COVID-19 lockdown from WA businesses.

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CCIWA CEO Chris Rodwell acknowledged the Government’s decision to impose the lockdown, but said it was crucial to consider the economic cost of such measures.

He added that the $500 electricity credit offered to businesses after the February snap lockdown was insufficient and more needed to be done.

“The State Government has to ensure appropriate compensation is provided. It is unfair that these small business owners must bear the financial costs of lockdowns on behalf of society,” he says.

The State Government has yet to commit to any new compensation to help WA small businesses.

COVID-related enquiries via ERAC were mainly around whether businesses could continue to trade during lockdown, COVID testing requirements and whether employers could make their workers take leave.

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