Payrise, second job ban for hotel quarantine workers

The State Government has struck a deal to give hotel quarantine workers a 40 per cent pay rise, while banning them from engaging in secondary jobs.

Premier Mark McGowan told reporters last week the ban took effect from Monday (February 15) and applied to those workers at a high risk of being exposed to COVID-19.

“That includes security, it includes cleaners, it includes people in food and catering – the people who deliver meals and the like,” he said.

“Under the contracts, they (security companies and hotels) are required by Monday to ensure that any secondary jobs from their staff in hotel quarantine have ended.”

The move comes after WA’s five-day lockdown, when a hotel quarantine worker became infected with COVID-19.

McGowan also revealed that nebulisers would be banned from hotel quarantine in WA, following the theory it may have led to the spread of the virus at the Holiday Inn at Melbourne Airport.

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