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Time-saving tips when hiring

By CCIWA Editor 

One of the many hats you wear as a small business owner or manager is the role of recruiter.

Recruitment may turn into a costly exercise, if the successful candidate turns out to be unsuitable.

Below are some strategies to employ to find the right candidate for your business

Consider social media

Social media can be a budget-friendly recruitment strategy that facilitates access to a significant number of potential jobseekers. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram are all platforms that businesses can use.

Pitch your strategy appropriately

If using social media, interaction with applicants is essential. If someone asks a question, answer it promptly. However, be mindful of the downfalls of social media. Misused, it has the danger to damage the reputation and brand of the company.

Develop a position description

Identifying the core requirements of the role (including qualifications, skills and experience) means you are better placed to develop a clear and objective selection criterion that should assist an informed decision whilst minimising the risk of any discrimination claims.

Treat candidates as future consumers and potential employees

The recruitment experience can influence candidate’s perception of the business. Notifying unsuccessful applicants and providing feedback to those who were interviewed, can assist to provide closure, yet keep the door open.

Educate yourself about what not to ask

State and Federal discrimination legislation protects different categories of people against unjust or prejudicial treatment, for example on the grounds of gender, age, race or pregnancy.

During the recruitment process, care needs to be taken to ensure the basis of your selection process is neither explicitly nor inherently discriminatory.

Asking the question “do you have kids?” could flag to the candidate that family responsibilities and gaining employment are incompatible.

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One of the many hats you wear as a small business owner or manager is the role of recruiter.

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