Changes to Workplace Laws

Workplace Reform: What you need to know

The Federal Government’s Secure Jobs, Better Pay Bill has now been passed by Federal Parliament, meaning new workplace laws will soon take effect.

Our view remains unchanged. These laws will add cost and complexity to running a business in Australia. That means investment, jobs and wages are all put at risk.

We’re committed to keeping you informed and preparing you for the changes, some of which include:

  • The introduction of multi-employer bargaining provisions for businesses with more than 20 employees;
  • The ability for the Fair Work Commission to decide on whether a business must grant a flexible working request;
  • A two-year limitation on fixed-term contracts (including extensions);
  • Changes to the Better-Off Overall Test (BOOT); and
  • Increased avenues for arbitration during the enterprise agreement-making process.

Do you need help with the IR Reform Bill?

CCIWA is home to some of Australia’s best workplace relations experts. We are the largest not-for-profit business network in WA and are independent from Government.

We offer all the services, advice, and resources you need to assist with the IR Reform changes.

If you’re a Member, you have access to our Employee Relations helpline. They can:

  • Explain how this can impact your business and how you can minimise the risk
  • Confirm your obligations to employees under the new Bill
  • Provide advice on your existing situation and where you might be at risk from the changes

A ‘Simple Guide’ to the IR Reform Bill

We’ve broken down the IR Reform Bill into a simple, concise and straightforward guide. Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for comprehensive guides tailored to your business. – Free for Members

We recommend you seek advice if any of the areas of reform in the quick guide are going to impact your business. Call our Employee Relations Advice Centre on (08) 9365 7660 or email

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Simple IR Reform Guide

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Did you know

We surveyed our Members and have collated the results.

Tools and Resources

Learn about the IR reforms, and how they will impact your business in our informative series of webinars hosted by CCIWA’s Associate Director of Workplace Relations and HR, Ryan Martin.

Webinar Series: Part 1

Webinar Series: Part 2

Webinar Series: Part 3

Webinar Series: Part 4

Our position on the Bill

CCIWA has joined employer groups from around Australia in highlighting the ‘risky’ IR changes. View our submission

In a submission lodged with the Senate Inquiry examining the Bill, we have highlighted:

  • Concerns with multiple elements of the Bill; and recommend that it be split to allow more time for stakeholder engagement;
  • Changes to the single-interest stream of multi-employer bargaining cannot be justified on the basis of growing wages and are a threat to small businesses;
  • Compulsory arbitration will only delay parties reaching agreement; and
  • Other major concerns, such as the ability to re-open enterprise agreements during their term and that community services providers will no longer be able to use fixed-term contracts when they need to.

“It’s a level of bureaucracy that we do not require. As a medium-sized business we have the ability to quickly respond to both employees’ needs and customer needs.”
– Survey respondent

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