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Respect@Work – Essentials Pack

Employers now have a positive duty to take reasonable and proportionate measures to eliminate unlawful sex discrimination, sexual harassment, sex-based harassment, work environments that are hostile on the grounds of sex and victimisation in relation to these matters. What this means practically is you need to have a comprehensive plan in place to prevent these serious issues from occurring. CCIWA’s Respect@Work packs can assist you in meeting these very important obligations.

  • Respect@Work Policy
    • A company policy that outlines expected standards of workplace behaviour, what constitutes unlawful conduct including sexual harassment and what employees rights and responsibilities are in relation to safe, respectful and inclusive workplaces.
  • Written reporting procedures for complainants, supervisors/managers and bystanders to follow where sexual harassment may have occurred or been witnessed.
  • Outline of reporting obligations and record keeping obligations.
  • Employee wellbeing guide that includes best practice actions for work adjustments/reasonable accommodations for any employees involved in a sexual harassment claim.
  • Templates to assist with any claims that arise including: written complaint form, risk assessment document and a process map
  • CCIWA’s Respect@Work employee e-Learning module on all of the above new policies and procedures and appropriate workplace behaviour for up to 10 employees (additional employees can be added)

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