Engineering Graduates Program

CCIWA is committed to developing the skills and experience of WA’s future workforce. Our Engineering Graduates Program is designed to make it simpler and more affordable for businesses to employ graduates by fostering collaboration.

There are many advantages:

  • It’s a cost-efficient, centralised model.
  • The flexibility to host graduates in line with your workloads.
  • Collaboration fosters excellence.
  • The program suits any organisation – regardless of size.
  • Organisations have access to the brightest talent.

What’s involved

At its core, this program involves CCIWA employing graduates for a three-year period and seconding them to participating host companies for six months at a time.

Rather than specialising early on in their careers, graduates have an opportunity to cultivate a range of skills through their placements with industry leaders. And, in turn, this will strengthen the expertise of the future workforce across a range of industries and enhance the career prospects of graduates.

We make it work

Consultation between CCIWA and host companies will be ongoing, and we focus on making the process effortless and smooth.

Our services include:

  • Set up of program including identification of suitable rotations and projects.
  • Graduate recruitment and onboarding.
  • Day-to-day administration including scheduling of rotations, performance reviews and ongoing support for supervisors and graduates.
  • Professional development links for Graduates to Engineers Australia.
  • Engagement with universities to promote the program and build a talent pipeline.

Register your interest

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